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Eileen Sargent with Fiorollo staff.

Club president Rob Means with Treasurer Bill Barrett.

Rob Means, Bill Barmettler, Dixie Johansen at the bar!

Rich Gordon, Fred Keeley, and Denny McShane

Pattie and Supervisor Dave Cortese with Rich and Denny.

The Rod Diridons, Jr. and Sr.

Joe and Hope Alvarado, Fred and Barbara Keeley.

Enjoying the dinner salad.

Daisy and Assemblyman Kansen Chu.

Fred and Barbara Keeley.

Lisa and Jim Palmer.

Club President Rob Means.

County Democratic Party Chair Steve Preminger

Assemblyman Rich Gordon receiving Legislator of the Year Award.

Rich Gordon thanks the Club.

Rod Diridon, Sr., (center) receives the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rod Diridon, Sr.

Santa Cruz County Treasurer Fred Keeley.


Youth Shakespeare player present excerpts from "A Christmas Carol."


Scrooge's nephew.

Bob Cratchet.

Some Youth Shakespeare cast members.

Scrooge shocked by Marley's ghost.

Jacob Marley's ghost.

Spirit of Christmas past.

Spirit of Christmas present.

Spirit of Christmas future.

Attendee overview.