Established in 1981, Santa Clara County Democratic Club is a progressive organization dedicated to informing voters, encouraging citizen involvement in the political process, and promoting Democratic Party values.





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 The members of the Santa Clara County Democratic Club enjoy exchanging diverse opinions and concerns. Experts on current topics speak at our meetings, fostering respectful and passionate discussion. Our concerns often evolve into actions to support various progressive causes and candidates. We are a diverse, welcoming group and hope to hear your voice at our next meeting. 


Who We Are


The Santa Clara County Democratic Club has worked continuously since 1980 for values espoused by the Democratic Party: the right of all Americans to a job, a home,  education,  medical care,  privacy, social security, and, of course, a woman's right to choose.


We draw our membership from all over Santa Clara County, but most members live in San José, Santa Clara, and Campbell.  The Club is an issues based organization, the only one in the County that makes its very highest priority the achievement of


Public Financing of Elections!


We are also very active in:

  • Working for universal, single-payer health care;

  • The California Clean Money Campaign;

  • Move to Amend the Constitution to reduce the money in politics;

  • Electing Democratic candidates;

  • The Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee;

  • The California Democratic Council.








During election campaigns our members participate in campaigns by organizing and participating in phone banks, fund raising, and precinct walking.




General meetings are held every third Monday of each month (except in one summer month and in December) in the back room of Harry's Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Ave., San José just south of Stevens Creek Blvd.  Watch our home page for details of upcoming meetings.


The Executive Board meetings take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Headen-Inman House, 1509 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara.  These meetings are open to all members.


Events & Activities


The Club has several fundraising events throughout the year including a summer function and a winter holiday party.  SCCDC endorses candidates running for office, donates money to worthwhile campaigns, and works to elect Democrats to office.  The Club also works on voter registration.


Club Officers

  • President: Rob Means

  • Vice President: Dixie Johansen

  • Treasurer: Bill Barrett

  • Corresponding Secretary: Gwendolyn McDaniel

  • Recording Secretary: Tom Pyke


Executive Board Members

  • Member-at-Large: Al Alarcon

  • Member-at-Large: Joe Alvarado

  • Member-at-Large: David Donaldson

  • Member-at-Large: Herb Engstrom

  • Member-at-Large: Dan Hoffman

  • Member-at-Large: Carol Miller

  • Member-at-Large: Shirley Odou

  • Member-at-Large: Fred Rehhausser

  • Member-at-Large: Eileen Sargent

  • Member-at-Large: Allan Thiessen



Program: Shirley Odou

   Bill Barrett

   David Donaldson

   Herb Engstrom

   Dixie Johansen

   Fred Rehhausser


Campaign Contributions: Fred Rehhausser

   David Donaldson

   Herb Engstrom

   Tom Pyke


Events: Shirley Odou

   Rosa Cuevas

   Rob Means

   Carol Miller

   Loretta Riddle

   Eileen Sargent


Phone Tree: Gwendolyn McDaniel

   Carol Miller




Campaign Finance Reform: Craig Dunkerley

Democratic Party Central Committee: Herb Engstrom

Endorsements: Fred Rehhausser and Tom Pyke

Membership and Public Relations: David Donaldson

Newsletter Editor: Shirley Odou

Social Media: Ed Cobb

Webmaster: Herb Engstrom


Club Bylaws


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 SCCDC Meetings

Monthly General Meetings, 3rd Monday (except July or August and December)

6:00 p.m. for no-host dinner

7:00 p.m. meeting begins

Harry's Hofbrau
390 Saratoga Ave.
San José 95129
Map to

(Harry's Hofbrau is on Saratoga Ave. between Stevens Creek and Kiely Blvd.)

Monthly Executive Board Meetings, fourth Wednesday of the month.

7:00 p.m. for Meeting & Dessert

Headen-Inman Historical Museum, 1509 Warburton, Santa Clara


You may now pay your dues, make a donation, or pay for event tickets on line. Here's the link to our donations page


The Santa Clara County Democratic Club can be reached at:
mail: Santa Clara County Democratic Club, c/o 5974 Friar Way, San Jose, CA 95129
FEC ID#C00419028;  FPPC ID# 1288723

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