Santa Clara County Democratic Club

Issues We Care About



         Full public financing of political campaigns at all levels of our government (e.g. The California Fair Elections Act and the Fair Elections Now Act)

         Transparency in the funding of independent campaign expenditures (e.g. the California DISCLOSE Act, and the Federal DISCLOSE Act)

         Overturning of "Citizens United" and related court decisions which hold that "corporations are people" and "money is speech"

         Protection of voting rights

         Non-partisan redistricting at both state and federal levels of government



         A woman's right to choose

         Marriage equality for same sex couples

         Equal rights for women and minorities

         Separation of church and state



         Universal/Single Payer Healthcare

         Vastly expanded drug abuse prevention and treatment programs

         Decriminalization and strict government regulation of the production, distribution, and sale of all recreational drugs (as is currently done with alcohol)



         A progressive tax system that asks all citizens to pay their fair share

         Fair trade, not so-called "Free trade"

         Strong regulation of financial markets

         Renewed enforcement of anti-trust laws to prevent the formation of companies that are monopolies or that are "too big to fail"

         Minimum wage laws to ensure basic levels of financial security & stimulate economic activity

         Fiscal responsibility and long term deficit reduction



         Immediate and intense action to stop and reverse the effects of climate change

         Achievement of a sustainable human population by voluntary means



         Stopping the "revolving door" of lobbyists and elected officials

         Collective bargaining rights of all employees, public, private, union, and nonunion.

         Employee representation in corporate management.

         True preservation and strengthening of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

         Common sense gun safety laws.

         Comprehensive immigration reform.

         Science based research, analysis, and decision making.

         Repeal of the death penalty at all levels of government.

         Reductions in defense spending consistent with national security.

         Effective international inspections and controls aimed at massive reductions in nuclear arsenals worldwide.


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